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Canvas Print | Autumn poplars reflected in Lake Wanaka : New Zealand

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Photographer: Sarah Sisson

Sarah Sisson

Autumn Poplars reflected in rippled water, Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

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All of our canvas prints  are crafted to order by our printing and framing partner here in New Zealand and are covered by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee.  We use premium, heavy-weight canvas* and archival grade inks.  The printed canvas is then 'gallery wrapped' onto a chunky (30mm deep) wooden stretcher-bar frame for exceptional strength, stability of shape and of course, timelessly good looks.  

Speaking of timeless, our prints are conservatively rated at a 70 year lifespan if they are treated well (gently dusted with a  dry microfibre cloth and kept out of direct sunlight). 

*We use a cotton-free canvas stock for many reasons: it profers exceptional colour fastness & durability, allows for compact corner folds and it can be stretched 'drum-tight' without the sagging that many cotton canvases suffer from over time. But our primary motive is print quality - our canvas delivers vibrant prints without the imperfections, chips and cotton seeds found in other stocks. 


Canvas Edges

We use the 'mirror-edge' method for our canvas prints where the last few inches of the image are reprinted as a 'mirror' onto each edge. This means that none of your photo is lost from the front of the canvas when the print is wrapped around the stretcher bars. We can provide black edges if required. Please enquire.


When it comes to canvas prints, the buck stops at the corners.  When done poorly, canvas corners can be bulky, untidy affairs (because multiple layers of heavy canvas have to be folded and fastened in a small area).  We'll have none of that here at so we employ a crew of corner ninjas, each with a black belt in canvas origami to frame our canvases.  We pride ourselves in the results they achieve - neat and tidy corners every time.

The Back

Sure it's the back and you will rarely see it, but we think the back of a sisson canvas should look presentable too. That's why we meticulously apply museum-grade framer's tape to the back of all of our canvas prints. If nothing else, it makes us feel good to see our work going out gussied up, top-to-tail.

Hanging Kits

Hanging a sisson canvas print is easy - usually it requires no more than two well fastened screws - no wires or strings attached!  Each sisson canvas print ships with hanging instructions and a complementary plasterboard (gib-board) hanging kit - no more wonky prints and random holes in your walls!


Each sisson canvas print is part of a limited edition.  The number of prints in each edition is determined by physical print size, with larger prints having smaller and therefore more exclusive edition sizes.  Pricing increases over the life of an edtion - with the final few prints commanding prices several times the opening price.

Each limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist on the bottom left or right of the image face, depending upon the image. If you prefer, the signature and numbering can be made to the image edge - please specify if you prefer this option. The finer details of our  limited edition pricing can be found here.


We love seeing our images as prints -we see it as the ultimate expression of our work in this digital age.  We expect our canvas prints to appear detailed, sharp and artifact free at normal viewing distance (commonly defined as 1.5 x the diagonal print width). That is why we are careful when assigning a maximum print size to each of our image files, ensuring that you receive an image of maximum quality. Having said that,  if an image that you desire is not available in a large enough size please enquire - sometimes we may have been too conservative!


Good things take time - we know that doesn't make the waiting any easier, but we also know that quality is worth the wait.

Each sisson canvas print is a custom artwork printed to order. Printing, framing and delivery from the framer to us can take between 12-15 working days depending upon our printing partner's workload. We will always endeavour to have your canvas on it's way to you as fast as possible however, on rare occasions a print will not meet our quality control standards which may add up to 5 days to the delivery process - you will be notified of any delays to your order.

Depending upon workloads, a fast turnaround service may be available at additional cost - please enquire.




We know that shopping online can be a leap of faith - we like happy customers and that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee.

Limited Edition Canvas Print

by Sarah Sisson

Available sizes:

Canvas Print (60cm x 40cm) $500

Print size:
60cm x 40cm

Limited Edition of 350
(signed and numbered)

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Approximate size in inches (WxH) = 23 x 15"

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Canvas Print (80cm x 53cm) $600

Print size:
80cm x 53cm

Limited Edition of 250
(signed and numbered)

More information

Approximate size in inches (WxH) = 31 x 20"

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Canvas Print (100cm x 67cm) $750

Print size:
100cm x 67cm

Limited Edition of 125
(signed and numbered)

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Approximate size in inches (WxH) = 39 x 26"

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