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Check Out Our Website! Love Lightroom Presets

Posted by Todd Sisson


Great news fellow photographers - you can now share our post-processing secrets! 

 Love Lightroom Presets - prospector. Landscape preset for Adobe Lightroom.

 Prospector part of the  Woods For The Trees preset pack 

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new website - Love Lightroom Presets  a webstore chock-full of landscape photography presets for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  

Some of you will be wondering what a Lightroom preset is?  Quite simply it is little script that applies Sarah's post-processing settings to your images when using Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos.  These presets let you share in all the wonderful little secrets that Sarah has accumulated over the past 17 years of digitally editing photos (yup, she was Photoshopping drum-scanned images back when Facebook was still an actual book).

We started the Love Lightroom Presets  store in response to the incredible success of our original Lightroom Presets for Landscape  presets - this little pack of presets is now in the hands of over 5,000 photographers.  Sarah has greatly expanded and organized the range of presets on the new site and she has many more in the pipeline.  .

We have included a few before and after examples on this blog post - be sure to head over to Love Lightroom Presets and take a look around.

Here are a few more links: Love Lightroom Presets:

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Cheers - Todd 


Love Lightroom Presets - Halcyon preset, Milford Sound

Halcyon from the Sunset / Sunrise Rescue pack  


Love Lightroom Presets - professional adobe lightroom presets for landscape - Muster applied in Central Otago.

Muster, part of the Grey Days Made Great preset pack 


Love Lightroom Presets - beautiful vintage look presets - Dreamer at Te Mata Peak.

Dreamy, from our Vintage Fade Lightroom preset pack. 

Glorious - a sunset landscape preset for Adobe Lightroom

Glorious, from the Sunset / Sunrise Rescue preset pack  


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