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Folklore Store Clyde is Now Open!

Posted by Todd & Sarah Sisson


Folklore Store Clyde Historic Village - the latest sisson photography adventure :)

We are super excited to announce the opening of Folklore Store in Clyde Historic village!

Folklore is the latest chapter in the our creative journey, bringing together a range of fine goods from around New Zealand and the globe along with an exclusive range of our very own New Zealand made products featuring our landscape imagery either in the packaging or the product itself.

The whole project began over two years ago when we purchased a parcel of commercial land in Clyde Village with the intention of  building a gallery to showcase our landscape photography - somewhere along the way, the idea for Folklore came about and here we are with one fantastic store (and a gallery that is still under development)! 


Folklore Product Assortment


An assortment of products stocked at Folklore


Folklore Store, Clyde Historic Precinct


Folklore is open 10am - 5pm daily at 19 Holloway Street, Clyde Village.

03 449 2998


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