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Today's Beautiful New Zealand Picture | Kohaihai River, Heaphy Track

Posted by Todd Sisson

 Sometimes you get to paint a picture in your mind and a photograph forms before you that meets your vision with almost uncanny exactitude.

Other times your vision is left as a dimming, smouldering ember in the recesses of your sub-conscious and you are left hoping that one day you will receive the opportunity to fan the flames of creativity once more - and vision will become 'reality'.

Other times nature presents you with an opportunity for a better image than you could ever have pre-visualised.  

For me this is one of those photos - fond memories of family time spent on a winter beach and creative collisions abound in this scene.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Cheers - Todd

 Pressure waves, Kohaihai River West Coast

Pressure waves, Kohaihai River West Coast This image was made while my little boy Jack and I were waiting on the wild and windy Kohaihai beach - in search of sunset splendour. The sunset never happened but for a brief couple of minutes these rythmic, serpentine pressure-waves formed as the swift waters of the Kohaihai river met the Tasman Sea. Heaphy Track, West Coast New Zealand. Photography by: Todd Sisson. Black & White Processing by: Sarah Sisson Image Gallery: Black & White
Camera: NIKON D800E Lens: 17.0-35.0 mm f/2.8 Shooting Data: f/16, 6 seconds, ISO 100

This image is now available as a limited edition Canvas Print \ Framed Print | Fine Art Photographic Print.


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