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Today's Beautiful Photo of New Zealand | Aoraki/Mt Cook and Lake Pukaki

Posted by Sarah Sisson

Aoraki Mt Cook,  Lake Pukaki. Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury

Aoraki Mt Cook, Lake Pukaki. Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury Aoraki Mt Cook towers above vivid Autumn colours & submerged willows along the eastern shore of Lake Pukaki. Mackenzie Country, South Canterbury South Island New Zealand. Photography by: Todd Sisson. Image Gallery: Mount Cook / Aoraki
Camera: NIKON D2X Lens: 80.0-200.0 mm f/2.8 Shooting Data: 11, 1/20, 100

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Even half hidden behind Autumn foliage Aoraki / Mt Cook steals the show. This mountain just oozes granduer from what ever angle you look at it. It just doesn't seem to have a bad side.

Back in our commercial photography days I remember photographing two woman for a company profile shot. One of them required very careful lighting and VERY careful angles to make the 'best' of her features while the other, a very attractive woman, should have been easier to work with. However beauty is a fickle master. The first woman was easy going and relaxed while the second insisted that I could only photograph her showing the right side of her face and at a certain angle. 'The client is always right' - and we got there in the end to her liking - but I'd take temperamental cloud covered mountains any day!!

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