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Today's New Zealand Photo | Lego Girl at Lake Dunstan

Posted by Todd Sisson

Lego Girl at Lake Dunstan Photography by: Jack Sisson
Camera: Nikon D80 Lens: 18-200mm nikon DX at 52mm

As Sarah mention in yesterday's post - things always get a little 'tangential' around sisson HQ at this time of the year, but this Christmas is on another level.  We are run off our feet packing postcard and website orders, irrigation lines are failing left right and centre across our drought stricken 'lifestyle' block, Christmas shopping still needs doing, Tax returns are overdue, the DIY that I started last weekend has left Indi's bedroom looking like the US Embassy's document shredder room in the movie Argo and to top it all off - school's out!

So why fight it! We've decided to embrace the chaos and plunge the blog headlong into Variety Week* right through to Christmas.  Who knows what you will get over the coming days - some of it may actually be normal - it just depends what we slip into our morning coffee...

So why is Lego Girl busting moves on a waterlogged log?  It's a statement man...

I presume most of our readers are old enough to remember when kids didn't have cameras - especially not cameras that took usable images - by kids at least...  All of these images were made by our seven year old son, Jack, using our unsaleable and 'obsolete'  Nikon D80.

We watch our kids building cities on  Minecraft and banging out photos and it is obvious that the level and scope of creativity open to this coming generation is simply on another level - it's very, very cool.

California Poppies Photography by: Jack Sisson

I have no idea if Lego Girl** made it back alive from this photo-op, she may well be sleeping with the fishes, but if so, who would like to see more of her travels this summer? Also - Jack woud love to know what you think of his photography give him a 'shout out' (as the hip young 'uns put it) in the comments.

 Cheers - Todd

*it probably should have been dubbed Random Week

** Talk about your 'glass ceilings' - Lego Land is one sexist fiefdom - it's at least a 20:1 male/female mix - hence we are not sure if a replacement for Lego Girl can be sourced without spending $200 on sets.

Lake Dunstan with duckage Photography by:  Jack Sisson


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