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Woohoo! Faster Broadband is Here!

Posted by Todd Sisson

Apparently progress glows green - like a pile of Belarussian radioactive waste...

Our business relies upon the internet now more than ever - especially now that we are uploading full resolution image files on a daily basis to this website.

That's why more bandwidth is simply a better thing. Period. Unfortunately we live in a semi-rural area located between two very small towns with fairly archaic phone systems (until this week, our road was serviced by a little green tin box on the corner with a faulty door that would swing open every time a storm passed).

Luckily, New Zealand is in the middle of an 'Ultra-Fast Broadband' (UFB) and 'Rural Broadband Initiative' (RBI) rollout  which has resulted in a great big fat fibre cable being laid past the end of our road.  Unfortunately fibre service is unlikely to ever reach our house, but the aforementioned green tin box has been replaced with a nice new fibre cabinet/data exchange.  The new cabinet is powdercoated in Compaq (remember them?) beige.

This beige box was switched over recently and our ADSL has been boosted from a measly 3.5 Mbps down to (a suspiciously rounded) 10 Mbps.  Upload has unfortunately doubled too.  I say unfortunately because it tops out at a paltry 0.8 Mbps - which for a content creator still sucks...*

Anyway, I'm not complaining - this is an incredible free upgrade that has made our working days just a little bit more efficient.

Thanks (successive) NZ Government(s)!

*which is why we have signed up for Ultra VDSL, an advanced DSL service that should deliver us 3-5 Mbps upstream - a massive productivity booster!

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