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Welcome to our contact page!  We used to just list our email address here, but vile SPAMbots kept 'harvesting' it resulting in countless deals on Viagra and emails from the wives (plural) of exiled African despots.  Hence the need for an enquiry form....

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If you have a query relating to a particular image please use the Enquiry tab on the image page (see the screenshot below), that way we know precisely which image your enquiry relates to.



For all other enquiries please complete the form below.  Please note that we receive a large volume of emails each week and we have to prioritise our responses with print & purchasing enquiries stiing at the top of the pile. We genuinely appreciate general (non sales related) contact and feedback, but please do not be offended if we cannot respond in a timely fashion - as Bill Withers sang - it's 'just the two of us'.



Within New Zealand: We can be contacted on 03 448 9289.   Your call will be transferred free of charge to our mobile phone if we are out of the office.

International: dial +643 448 9289.  Your call will be transferred  free of charge to our mobile phone if we are out of the office. 


Just like vinyl records the Fax refuses to die...

+64 3 448 9284


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